We are on a mission to become aleader in mobile tycoon games.

The story of
bon games

Bon Games was founded in 2016. The story begun in 2011 when CEO Ilkka Immonen and CCO Taneli Roininen collaborated in a mobile game project for Habbo Hotel. The project sparkled an idea to start a mobile game development studio together. After a lot of brainstorming, Bon was founded in 2016.

In 2016 the founding team identified a gap in the mobile game market offering. The appstores are missing quality F2P tycoon games. The category has less competition and modest CPI, but it also has the most committed and engaged players. The team loves tycoon and business simulation games, so our mission was found: Become a leader in mobile tycoon games.

In the past, the genre was very successful with games like Transport Tycoon and Railroad Tycoon, but the team recognized that today’s mobile marketplace doesn’t offer modern adaptations for the category. Therefore, the team decided to go forward with a killer idea: Transit King Tycoon – a transport themed tycoon mobile game.

The latest


Finnish Bon Games Ltd receives 1,4 million dollars in funding

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Transit King Tycoon soft-launched!

BON Games’ tycoon game Transit King Tycoon has been soft-launched in Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands for Android devices. Players.. Read more

Start your transportation business and grow your island into an economic superpower!

Transport goods from farms and mines to factories and cities to deliver what they need. Your island will grow and prosper to be the envy of the world.

Make cities grow, find more resources, manufacture high-tech goods and build the transportation empire of your dreams. Collect the shiniest fleet of trucks, buses and other vehicles.

Become an active member of the Transit King Community and share your Transit King Tycoon knowledge with the world and help new players.

Check out the Transit King Tycoon Wiki


  • Grow and develop your island and cities
  • Deliver tasty goods like fruit, sweets and juices
  • Find natural resources and process them into advanced goods
  • Collect and upgrade the shiniest fleet of trucks and other vehicles
  • Build roads and upgrade them into multi-lane freeways
  • Level up to gain access to better vehicles and reveal your island completely!

Open Jobs

Marketing Artist

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Game Artist

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Senior Game Designer

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Senior Game Developer

We are looking for a senior game developer who knows their way with Unity. We expect the candidate to be.. Read more